The nation’s first standardised optical storage charging and inspection intelligent supercharging station was put into use in Fujian.

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On 17th October, Contemporary Nebula researched and developed, Nebula shares invested in the construction of the “light storage charging and inspection of intelligent super-charging station” was completed and opened in Ningde, Fujian Province, lithium town, which is the country’s first use of the full DC micro-grid technology, charging piles, storage, photovoltaic batteries and battery testing integrated standardised intelligent charging station.

The Contemporary Nebula 1030kW/1032kWh liquid-cooled energy storage system equipped in the supercharging station, together with 20 160-180kW high-power charging piles, can simultaneously replenish more than 200 kilometres of electric energy for 20 electric vehicles within 7-8 minutes, and can also replenish 80% of the power for most of the electric vehicles in less than 30 minutes, providing vehicle owners with a charging experience that is just as fast as refuelling, and effectively alleviating the problem of “difficult charging” for electric vehicles. 

In addition, the charging station charging pile also incorporates lithium battery detection technology, vehicle owners in the charging at the same time can be on the car battery “physical examination”, and access to battery health inspection report, timely grasp of the vehicle battery health status for battery risk warning, battery residual value assessment, insurance loss, battery recycling to provide data support.

The station is the first intelligent supercharging station with standardised design in China. Its main equipment is developed by Contemporary Nebula in a standardised mode, and the main structural parts are pre-fabricated in the factory and then shipped to the project site for quick installation, which not only improves the stability of the system, but also enhances the speed of the charging station construction, and plays a demonstrative and leading role in the construction of new energy charging infrastructure in the city. 

Contemporary Nebula “light storage charging inspection” intelligent fast charging station solution can effectively solve the rapid development of new energy vehicles in the process of urban centres charging infrastructure power capacity expansion, fast and safe charging, battery health testing and other issues, and has been in Shanghai, Suzhou, Changzhou, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Fuzhou, Ningde, Xining, Guiyang, Yibin and other dozens of cities on the ground application, Dongguan, Fuzhou, Ningde, Xining, Guiyang, Yibin and dozens of other cities.The construction of fast charging infrastructure is the key to solving the problem of replenishment of electric vehicles and promoting the development of the electric vehicle industry, Contemporary Nebula will continue to adhere to technological innovation, provide safe and efficient lithium battery energy storage solutions, and contribute to the construction of urban fast charging infrastructure, helping to achieve the “dual-carbon” goal. Contemporary Nebula

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