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CNTE New Smart BESS EV Charging Station Landed in Shanghai

Traditional charging stations are often a source of frustration for new energy vehicle owners due to poor environments, frequent equipment failures, low charging efficiency, and other problems. As a new type of urban eco-station, the CNTE Smart BESS EV Charging Station is quietly revolutionizing this experience.

The CNTE Shanghai Kangqiao East Road Smart BESS EV charging station covers a total area of approximately 4,500 square meters. Inside the station, carefully planned charging, catering, leisure, and car beauty areas provide 24-hour, attentive services.

In addition to the extensive and comprehensive supporting facilities, what truly sets the  Smart  BESS EV charging station apart is the powerful technical support behind it – the “Optical Storage Charging and Inspection” system.

This project is equipped with a CNTE 1260kW/1648kWh liquid-cooled energy storage system, which not only provides the charging station with a constant supply of clean energy but also plays a key role in ensuring the stability of the power grid, improving charging efficiency, and delivering multiple benefits.

Thanks to this system, the charging station boasts 42 180kW DC fast-charging piles and 2 350kW DC superchargers, capable of charging a new energy vehicle for hundreds of kilometers in as little as five minutes. At the end of each charging session, vehicle owners can also receive a battery health check report via their mobile phones, ensuring a fast and secure charging experience.

The Smart BESS EV charging station is not only a simple “energy supply station” but also an integral part of the future energy system and a crucial pillar for building a green, low-carbon, and sustainable city.

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