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Equipped with CATL LFP batteries, the whole series has intelligent EMS, integrated design, ultimate safety, and guards the family’s energy security.

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Emergency Power Backup

Can be supplied by the stored power, Ensure uninterrupted power supply for household appliances.


Clean Energy Storage

Storage of solar energy Improve the utilisation rate of clean energy.


Safety and Security

Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, high safety, long life. Waterproof, moisture-proof, can be operated in cold/high temperature environment.

Intelligent Management

Remote monitoring, convenient operation, Smart customized household electricity scenario scheme.

Easy Installation

Optional core capacity, Simple installation and convenient maintenance, Compatible with various photovoltaic systems and inverters.

Reduce Electricity Bills

Self sufficiency and stability through solar energy, Peak load shifting, Arbitrage from peak and valley.


  • MIX
  • Mix II Pro
  • NOVA

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