Equipped with CATL LFP batteries, centralized intelligent EMS, ultimate safety and security, leading the new era of energy storage.

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Product Advantage

Improve Power Quality

Reactive power compensation, optimize power supply quality

Emergency Power Backup

Automatic parallel and off grid switching, continuous power supply for external loads

Fast Construction

Flexible deployment, shortened construction period

Cost Reduction

Peak shaving and valley filling, arbitrage from peak and valley

High Security

Liquid cooling system, perfluorohexanone electric box fire protection

Flexible Capacity Expansion

Support rapid capacity expansion, support 380V and 10kV power grid access

Clean Energy Consumption

Reducing light energy waste, improving the utilization rate of clean energy


Can be connected to external devices, extended DC charging and DC PV


  • STAT T
  • STAT H
  • Ener Mini

Supporting Products

Commercial and Industrial ESS Container Commercial and Industrial ESS Container
EMS/Monitoring Centre EMS/Monitoring Centre

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