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Contemporary Nebula is about more than just clean solar power. We’re a mission driven company committed to transparency, sustainability, and improving the lives of others.

We’re a reliable energy partner to world wide businesses big and small. Benefit from our experience, expertise and ment to find energy savings designed specifically for your business. See how we can help a business like yours today.

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    Save money on your electricity costs while supporting clean energy generation.

  • Best Energy Solutions

    We are driven to transform the way the world is powered for generations to come.

  • Technological Innovation

    CNTE never stops developing new manufacturing technologies and new solutions to meet global energy trends and customer needs.

Customised energy storage solutions

Energy storage hardware development

Energy storage management system development

Product excellence rate is greater than

Product excellence rate is greater than

The error-proof technology of the electromechanical design of the production line and the real-time collection and verification technology of the process parameters of the MES system ensure the manufacturing quality from both hardware and software , making the product qualification rate greater than 99.6%. (the industry average is currently around 95%)

Increased overall efficiency by

Increased overall efficiency by

Lean logistics and lean production line layout, resulting in a 40% increase in the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Shorter customisation cycles

Increased Customisation cycle by

The data docking and sharing between MES system and ERP and PLM systems have increased the design and manufacturing cycle of customised products for customers by 30%.

Decreased costs by

Decreased costs by

The MES system implements a dynamic collection of production data and production reports, and the ERP system dynamically adjusts logistics supply and delivery according to customer demand. The production line can reduce the overall operating costs by about 12% through achieving a demand-driven production flow.