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CNTE strategic signing at SNEC 2024 Shanghai

On the first day of the 2024 SNEC conference, CNTE proudly launched its newly upgraded Nimbus series. The solution boasts three key value propositions: enhanced safety, easy expandability, and high profitability. These features will provide strong and stable support for the rapid popularization of supercharging stations and contribute to building a solid foundation for the green and sustainable development of cities.

During the sharing session, CNTE and SOULD GROUP signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The agreement outlines in-depth collaboration in the field of “optical storage, charging, and inspection.” Both parties will work together to promote the development and application of this technology, ultimately allowing new energy vehicle owners to experience “charging as convenient as refueling” through supercharging.

CNTE has always remained committed to the industry’s core values. By focusing on the real needs of users, CNTE will continue to leverage its cutting-edge, practical, reliable, and high-quality solutions to establish in-depth cooperation with various enterprises. Together, they will work towards creating a greener future.

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