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Optical storage integration! Enhance green benefits for industry and commerce

The photovoltaic+energy storage integration project, which is provided by Contemporary Nebula as a solution for industrial and commercial energy storage, has been completed and put into operation in Guangdong. The project has created a new type of industrial park new energy intelligent microgrid system that integrates distributed photovoltaic, energy storage system, and energy management system.

In this project, the integration of the Contemporary Nebula 500kW/852kWh lithium iron phosphate energy storage system and 10MW photovoltaic system has solved the problems of high proportion of photovoltaic access to the park, high photovoltaic power rejection rate, poor power supply stability, poor power quality, and emergency backup of important equipment in the factory area.

1、 Improve green power consumption

The energy storage system effectively improves the utilization rate of photovoltaic energy and significantly reduces the electricity cost of enterprises by shaving the peak and filling the valley of photovoltaic output. Taking this project as an example, the 10MW photovoltaic system is estimated to generate a cumulative power of 209.907 million kWh over 25 years. Based on the estimated electricity price of the project location, the average annual profit from photovoltaic power generation is about 998000 yuan, and the estimated cumulative profit over 25 years is 24.94 million yuan.

2、 Peak valley arbitrage

The energy storage system discharges during peak electricity prices and stores electricity during valley electricity prices, thereby gaining profits through peak valley arbitrage. According to local electricity prices, the factory can benefit from peak valley arbitrage by an average of 41900 yuan per year.

3、 Enhance power supply reliability

Due to the randomness and volatility of photovoltaic power generation, through industrial and commercial energy storage systems, it can quickly respond and smooth photovoltaic power output, balance fluctuations caused by various reasons in the power system, reduce the impact of photovoltaic power generation on the power grid, and perform reactive power compensation to improve system operation stability and improve the power quality of the factory area.

In addition, in emergency power plants such as power rationing and power outages, industrial and commercial energy storage systems can provide electricity for emergency operations in the factory area by releasing stored electricity.

With the introduction of relevant national new energy support policies, many industrial parks have started large-scale investment in lithium battery energy storage projects. Contemporary Nebula will continue to adhere to technological innovation, provide diversified lithium battery energy storage solutions, and help the country achieve the “3060” goal

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