Portable Power Station

Small but powerful, equipped with CATL LFP batteries, linkable to PV power generation, integrated stacking design, ultimate safety

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Product Advantage


High Safety Long Life Cycle

EV-grade lithium iron phosphate battery cell, safety and Stability, the battery life is up to 10 years.

Large Capacity and Output

Large Capacity and Output

3000W High power output, 2.3 kWh Super large energy storage, compatible with 99% of electrical equipment.

Fast Charging

Fast Charging

Up to 80% charge in 1.5 hours.


Clean Energy Storage

Storage of solar energy, environmentally friendly and clean.

Split Design

Split Design

Easy to carry, chargeable and replaceable.


  • Y3000
  • Y1600
  • T3600
  • T4600
  • T14K

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